The Wizarding Network of Harry Potter

Using the navigation toolbar below, users can explore the relationships of 178 characters from the Harry Potter universe. Either clicking on a node or searching for a name will highlight that character, and bring a slider on screen that contains all of that particular character's connections. Clicking on any of these characters on the slider will bring up their wiki page on screen.

The list of 178 characters was taken from wikipedia, and the connections between characters were scraped from the relevant Harry Potter wikia sites. Note that this assumes the all characters who are hyperlinked on a given character page share some "logical connection" with said character in the Harry Potter universe. However, some links may be incorrect/missing given this assumption.

Data was scraped in R using rvest, cleaned in R using igraph, and visualized using the sigma.js library. For more information regarding the creation of this network and for the data and code, see my GitHub page.